GoogleTTS Verification Failing

I have a picroft install that has been functioning normally, up until some time around yesterday, when the TTS engine broke. I have been using googleTTS and it successfully used mimic as a fallback, but I would like googletts back. I looked at the log and it looks like some kind of authentication error with google, but I have no idea how to even troubleshoot this because I’m not familiar with how google’s TTS system operates. The errors are fetching language codes and verification of the server:

Any help is greatly appreciated.

not a mycroft issue


once thats fixed we can also fix it mycroft side, for now all we can do it keep an eye in that issue

Keep in mind this TTS engine violates the google TOS and we should not be using it at all. Might break at any time. Thats a general issue with webscrapping

That seems to be fixed - has it been merged?