Google voice setup documentation

Is there any updated documentation on setting up Google voice on the Mark I?

The online configuration is so old, it still states Google voice is the default and does not have accurate information.

I dont know which dokumentation you are looking at, but this should cover google TTS settings on Mycroft
Text-To-Speech - Mycroft AI (

This documentation looks promising. Next question how to enable/start “mycroft-config”?

The documentation doesn’t say, there are multiple forum posts asking, but so far haven’t found an answer.

Configuration Manager - Mycroft AI (
should cover your question

Did you read my response and look at the documentation page for the link you sent?

That page is good information, but it doesn’t even state you need to SSH into the device which I would assume, but should be documented, in order to run commands.

The page goes on to state…

We strongly recommend that you use the configuration manager rather than directly editing mycroft.conf files.

gives a few commands as reference (but not how or where to run them) and then covers manually editing the files for the rest of the pages.

Running “mycroft-config” with valid options after SSHing into the device gives an error ‘command not found’ and thus my response asking for more information on the configuration manager.

Yep I did :slight_smile:
Mycroft-config is located in the mycroft-core/bin folder and can be run from there. If your path isnt set for that folder you can navigate to it and run it from there.

I think that te reasonthe docs dosnt state you need to SH into the device, is that accessing the device isnt in scope for the mycroft-config documentation.

But if you feel there are some thing that should be better, you can make a PR on Github
documentation/ at master · MycroftAI/documentation (

Thank you for the updated information.

I will make a pull request as I think it is import to give enough information to do what the documentation is stating. No need to explain how to SSH or change directories, but it should at least tell you the minimum needed to do the function.

@andlo, are you running picroft or referencing the Mark I?

Looks like mycroft-config is not on the Mark I by default (another thing which should be in the docs). Guess I will just edit them by hand since the ‘simple’, and recommended, method is working.

No My Mark I died after long time use. Så I mainly run Picroft or Mycroft on WSL.
I didnt know mycroft-config wassnt a part of Mark I, and you are right that should me mentioned in the docs.