Google stt option is not working

Hi there,

Before the maintenance mycroft working well in linux with

“stt”: {
// Engine. Options: “mycroft”, “google”, “wit”, “ibm”, “kaldi”, “bing”,
// “houndify”, “deepspeech_server”, “govivace”
“module”: “google”

this options, but now its giving an error like this ;
mycroft.client.speech.listener:transcribe:167 - ERROR - Could not request Speech Recognition recognition request failed: Forbidden

I’m choosing google option(free) because of turkish language support.

Can anyone help me or tell me what is wrong :slight_smile:

Hi nsevinc,

/etc/mycroft/mycroft.conf or ~/.mycroft/mycroft.conf
The second one at the user level will override the first so good to check what’s in that too.

As long as you don’t have any API keys listed there, can you post the full contents of your conf file? The easiest way to do that is by uploading it to termbin eg:
cat ~/.mycroft/mycroft.conf | nc 9999
This will give you a short link that you can paste here.


it is my ~/.mycroft/mycroft.conf file ->


I don’t think the old google api is supported by google any more. It’s been left alive in mycroft-core for people who already has accounts and a valid key.

See the documentation on how to setup using the google cloud platform STT here

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