Google map services skill - which kind of questions should it handle?

I am dooing some work on a google maps skill, and got the initial work done.

Now I can ask traveltime questions like
“hey mycroft, how long from Lergravsvej 14 to Lyngbyvej 2”
and he will answer
“it takes 20 mins from lergravsvej to lyngbyvej 2 by driving”

But what kind of questions would one like to ask ?
The skill uses these services from google

  • Directions API
  • Distance Matrix API
  • Elevation API
  • Geocoding API
  • Geolocation API
  • Places API
  • Roads API
  • Time Zone API

So questions like direction, traveltime, disance, and stuf like that.

Please comment and write what kind of questions I should make this skill handle


“what’s the traffic between here and work?” is a common one.

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I guess it’s easier to think of what I would ask the map reader!
Where is the nearest petrol station / macdonalds etc
How long till we get there
How much further
Don’t use toll roads (useful in UK esp. Birmingham & London)
Is there a faster way (slowed traffic)
TAFN :slight_smile:

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How about “send this trip to my phone”? That way you can plan your trip with Mycroft, look at the options and then use the navigation on your phone

“Where are we?” or “Where am I?”. Sometimes you just don’t know at what street you are and can’t find a street sign.

“How far is it back home?”

“How do I get home?” (public transport)