Google Bets on "Open" for future of Artificial Intelligence

Like us, Google has decided to bet on open source for the future of artificial intelligence with their “Tensor Flow” project.

We are thrilled with the release and are looking into training it for our own models for STT (and other purposes). Here is our write up on the matter:


I was just about to ask if you intend to grab this opportunity to benefit Mycroft.
It’s great to see that you guys keep an eye out for everything that can be used to make Mycroft great.

Here is source code if anyone wants to have a look:

I wish I actually understood how neural networks and TensorFlow works (beyond the popular descriptions like “it simulates layers of neurons”, which doesn’t help much).

Looks like they’re not the only ones:

EDIT: Context:

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Yep, and we are getting ready to release some stuff in this space as well :smile: