Git hub wiki needs work

The current git hub wiki is basically empty. while I would like to populate them myself it will be wrong.
If you want people to build for your system you need to provide the documenation.
There is no documentation on writing into the config file after creating a skill.
There is no best practice.
The skill template explains basically nothing.

Could someone put some time into the write up.


And can do. It’s something on the list.

In your opinion, would that type of information be better on the wiki or our documentation?

As most of the info required is dev docs i would say git wiki.
if you need help, you can dump the rough docs you currently have and I would be happy to format it and add it to the wiki, I just need the raw material.

Thanks for the offer. I’ll probably take you up on that.

Right now the main issue is that we’re trying to decide what the best practices should be. For example, whether or not someone should have to write into the config file after creating a skill.

I want to get this decided, at least roughly, soon, though, and will let you know.

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