Gez will be AFK for two weeks

Hi all,

Some exciting personal news, I just became a Dad for the first time!

On Monday we welcomed our daughter Harriet into the world. She already seems pretty fond of the Star Trek Voyager intro music so we’re getting along well :slight_smile:

This is a whole new experience for us and I’m taking two weeks leave to get to know her and learn how to be a parent, fast! So if there’s anything you need from me that’s not urgent, just shoot me an email and I’ll respond when I get back. Other members of the team are around to help answer questions as always, however we will be at reduced capacity.

So if you spot a question from someone that you think you can help with, please lend a hand. I know I can step back for a short time because we have such a wonderful, welcoming and talented Community of people makers, developers and contributors. Thanks for all being awesome.

I think having a kid is a good reminder of why I believe so strongly in Mycroft. I dont want my daughter to grow up in a world where everything she says is owned by a corporation. A world in which companies know more about her than she does herself. I first got involved with Mycroft because I wanted a voice assistant I trusted and could build cool things with. Now I also want to ensure the safety and privacy of the generations to come.

Be back soon :slight_smile:


Welcome little Harriet and congratulations to your parents!

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congratulations on the new little bundle- they grow up fast. girls more so then boys so enjoy them while you can. now that you have a time anchor, time will fly by fast - as Einstien would probably say everything is relative

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Thanks, it has been a very interesting experience of time over the last fortnight. Simultaneously both amazingly fast and supremely slow. It feels like everything takes forever, but now I’m waiting for her to start talking at any moment, then tell me she hates me, is moving out, and is gonna put me in the old folks home… :laughing: