Getting Started, Debian OK? Recommended Mic & Speakers?


I am keen to install on Mycroft on a couple of existing Raspberry Pi 2s but have a couple questions.

Firstly, is the latest version of MyCroft likely to work with Debian? My current Raspberry Pis, have OSMC installed which I believe is basically Debian bundled with Kodi. Failing that, I’m happy to purchase a Raspberry Pi 3.

Secondly, can anyone recommend a suitable mic and speakers (or sound card)?




Hey @brettsh - Mycroft works great on Debian/Raspbian on a RP2! In fact most of our development happened on the Pi2 before the Pi3 came out!

I’ve had a lot of good luck with generic bluetooth speakers (just plugged into the Pi2) and a decent USB Mic (for me it is a Snowball from Yeti).