Getting profile changes to "stick"

Noting Paul Breneman’s earlier problems setting location etc., how does one tell the profile page to actually take note of a change of username, location and so on? I’m logged in using an email address rather than via a Facebook etc. account, but /surely/ the whole point of a project like this is not to require the services of some third party?

I’m trying to do an initial demo of Mycroft to a non-geek, and would really like to convince it that it’s not in Kansas any more :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback, @MarkMLl

This aspect of our UI has garnered many swear words internally over the the last few weeks, and I apologise that it’s not more intuitive. There are two places that location information is stored;

  • In the Profile settings link
  • And in the settings for each Device (each device has a unique link)

You need to ensure that the device location is set.

Please let me know if this doesn’t make sense.

PS we’re going to be refreshing the UI soon :slight_smile:

It makes lots of sense, but I can’t see an “OK” button etc. on the profile page and while going to e.g. the password setting page /temporarily/ shows a changed (e.g.) username I can’t find anything to actually commit it.

Firefox 60.4 on Debian, no NoScript etc.

Possibly caused by having an upper-case letter in the user ID.

Maybe, we have a preview of the new interface coming out shortly, which includes new backend API’s so things should be running a lot smoother soon :slight_smile:

I don’t want to sound critical, but having done my share of telephone support I’d /hate/ to have to support a system where a major UI element vanished depending on context. The fact that the element is at the top of the screen- i.e. the first landmark you’re trying to establish with an inexperienced user- and the thing that caused it to disappear is further down makes the situation even worse.

And that’s /particularly/ the case in an HTML-based UI, where shortcomings in Javascript version etc. can prevent things from being displayed.

So I agree: having somebody slightly further removed from the development process eyeball the proposed result would probably be a good idea.