Getting file not found on response wav files


On my Debian desktop, I’m getting messages such as the below every time Mycroft attempts to respond. Hints appreciated.

/tmp/mycroft/cache/tts/3ece7c707e7ad1e616bb4c83c8967ad8.wav: No such file or directory
/tmp/mycroft/cache/tts/7e23b1b011f7bdb612bd6bcf6b5b85fc.wav: No such file or directory
/tmp/mycroft/cache/tts/cc65276c80d4649ed22e4a3278757450.wav: No such file or directory

A /tts folder exists in tmp but there is only a .pho file in it.

Everything else is working great,

Sorry, this is a very late response but I just saw this.

Is this still an issue for you? If it is it sounds like mimic isn’t found correctly by mycroft. Are you running an apt-get install or have you built from the git repo?

I am encountering this exact same issue on ubuntu trusty. I am running the services directly from the git repo using the script.

I configured ~/.mycroft/mycroft.yaml with the following content and am pretty confused why I can’t hear anything.

If I use the CLI, I should still hear it speak responses correct?

You are correct, you should be able to hear spoken responses. In the CLI do you see the responses as text?

One additional thing, the config should be called mycroft.conf not .yaml.