Getting error during payment of StartEngine


Is anyone else experiencing problems finance in Mycroft through StartEngine?

I’ve tried 3 credit cards and StartEngine area unit asure telling me that it’s like each cards unsuccessful due to: There was a mistake authorizing your card. don’t Honor.

However, I’ve spoken with my bank and they’re telling ME they don’t have any record of a payment try being created.

It’s conjointly a small amount strange as a result of I’ve ne’er had problems with either card before.


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for reaching out, I have heard credit cards have been a problem for some people. It seems like it might differ based on country. I’ll message you directly to get some more details and we can help chase it up.

I tried a couple of solutions, got keep2share premium and one of them worked actually. Thanks for the help though.

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Glad to hear it worked out :slight_smile: