Genderless Voice Option?

Has there been any effort put into looking into alternative voice options? I ran across Q recently, and it sounds like an interesting possibility. Has anyone looked into using it with Mycroft?

Nice idea. I dont se the voive in other language nor a way to get the voice. Just a way to share that they have a genderless voice.
I dont think the voice is free and open.

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I saw an article on Q but hadn’t seen this site. It’s great that people are continuing research on gender neutral voices.

As Andlo mentioned it doesn’t seem like they have open sourced it, however there’s no harm in us getting in touch to say hi just in case :slight_smile:

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Any update on how the contact is going?
I’d love to hear if anything changes.

Never heard back unfortunately :frowning:

Thanks for the nudge though, they were getting huge amounts of media at the time. I’ve just pinged them again now that it would be a bit quieter.