Geeked Out Solutions - Youtube Channel and Skill/Mentoring Offerings

Hello Everyone Brian here aka btotharye. I have started up a small business that will also offer mycroft services. As we are just getting going for now we have setup things on fiverr for skill creation as well as mycroft mentoring. For more serious inquiries you can see my business site at

I am a very active community member in the slack and now mattermost channels and have now created a way to offer more premium services for people and businesses.

Fiverr Page -!
Youtube Channel -

Anyways I’m not trying to make it sound like too much of a sales pitch just trying to let people know that the offering is there if you need it. I’m still helping out in the community just as before and I am also working on a home automation offering that will be open sourced and using mycroft, look for that in the coming months.


I have been sharing your Fiverr link. Great idea. Now for me to give you a skill to build… I will think about it and figure out something we can collaborate on.

Sounds good I’ll have some more skills releasing this week.



We have some social media sharing we need to do and would love to include your info. Hoping to send out a newsletter this week and will include the Youtube and a few links. If you have a preference of wording get it my way soonish.



No major preference on wording and super cool :slight_smile: