Future MyCroft Ideas

These are just a few suggestions of functions I think would be cool within Mycroft. Some of these may be available already and I just haven’t come across it yet.

Multi User Recognition:
Having more than one person in a household that can interact with Mycroft and it be recognized based on the voice. Ex My wife ask how long for her to get to work and I ask how long to get to work and it recognizes our voice and gives an answer. It should also remember settings and have a custom profile of each users settings and interest.

Also if a guest uses it and ask questions it would generate something for them like they are not authorized to talk to that person.

Multiple wake words. This would help in achieving a more realistic feel in interacting with Mycroft.

Mycroft being able to understand command sin the form of a question. This would also achieve a more realistic feel. Example “Mycroft can you turn off the living room lights”

The voice of Mycroft. The current voice in Mycroft is really difficult to understand at times. Although it is cool. It does not sound very realistic. I think a long term plan of making Mycroft feel like interacting with a real person and not just some machine is giving Mycroft a real sounding voice. Also giving Mycroft a personality in some way. That would be interesting.

When I think of AI technology I think of Cortana. Not Microsofts implementation but Halo’s version of Cortana.
She has an attitude all her own and personality all her own. A real voice. She seems personable. That is how Mycroft should move towards.

At least I think.

Hope we can see some of these implementations soon.

multiple wake words is possible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIkBh0VFmbc

user_recognition is possible, i think someone is working on voice recognition, i have a proof of concept service skill to recognize faces

mycroft should understand questions just fine

Great feedback @ssanders! Yes we agree that Mycroft should behave and feel more life like with a real personality, and those are goals we keep in mind as we continue to improve Mycroft.

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