Future Mycroft hardware idea

This post was inspired after reading a lot of stuff about the Jibo robot.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if after saying the wake word, a robot head with a pan/tilt face tracker like this one would face the user that says it?

The robot’s head should face the user while Mycroft is speaking, and after the speak dialog is complete, the robot’s head should go back to its original position.

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You are lucky - recently the availability of Mycroft for Q.bo One robot was announced…


It’s not a space that Mycroft as a company would be exploring, particularly with partners like Q.bo doing such great work, but always excited to see others build new things.

There have been a number of robotics builds over time, checkout some here:

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Not a robot, but would love to hack “The Moon” from 1-ring to add A.I. and Mycroft voice assistant to it.


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