Full-time Developer Opportunity

Hey all, I’ve got an exciting opportunity for someone with the right skills!

We are looking for a full-time developer to help implement the client-side Mycroft experience (so the code on the unit itself). We have a lot of the preliminary work done, but we want to make the interaction with Mycroft as conversational as possible.

We are really open to all types of candidates but someone with the following experience and qualities are a plus:

  • Has worked on similar projects before (Jasper, Sirius, or proprietary virtual assistants).
  • Is familiar with voice technology such as Pocketsphinx, Julius, and other STT (speech-to-text) and TTS (text-to-speech) libraries.
  • Passionate about this technology, has pursued similar projects in free time.
  • Familiar with Python a plus.

The main thing I want to iterate is we are looking for those passionate about open source and a positive person who is interested in being active in the community and in the development process. This job will be likely 1 - 2 months of guaranteed work, then after that the relationship will be re-evaluated.

If you are not interested in this work, but know someone who might be, forward this on to them! Candidates should Email me at ryan.sipes@mycroft.ai

We are looking to begin the first sprint October 1st, so interested candidates should reach out to us before then!


I would like to hlp. I wanted to kwon as microft is open source so where can wget its source code.

@AHacker we are working on doing as much documentation as possible on the Mycroft core software before releasing it to the public. However, other projects such as: OpenSTT ( http://OpenSTT.org ) and the Adapt Intent Engine will be open sourced much sooner and out in the open.

The hope is to ensure people can contribute easily and effectively.