Fresh install of Picroft on RPi4, hangs

So just got a new RPi4, and Seeed ReSpeaker 6 array mic board, 64GB mSD. Put on Picroft, went through the setup. Had to do some manual install for the mic board, as the default install doesn’t support installing/setting it up. Took me a little bit, but via the Audio Troubleshooting figured out how to set the Pulse & Mycroft mic/speaker settings. Got it up and running, managed to get it paired with, so I start talking to it!

I’ve run into several times where I had to restart it or reboot the RPi because mycroft hangs and goes unresponsive after it starts trying to perform a task. I have some small heatsinks on the CPU and other chips. With it running but hung, the vcgencmd measure_temp gave me ~72-73C. Running idle after a mycroft-stop all gives me ~60C after waiting several minutes. So with it running it’s elevated temps, but not excessively high. After doing mycroft-start all and idling at the mycroft-cli-client, it’s running about 62-63C.

The hanging always seems to occur after I ask mycroft something, I see it get the utterance, try and figure it out, and then I see a response but no voice plays and then it becomes unresponsive to new voice commands, and the Mic Level on the lower right doesn’t move.

It’s as if the audio output/TTS hangs, and causes the rest of mycroft to hang and not accept new input.

Can you play regular audio out of this with out issues? Also have you checked in the logs (/var/logs/mycroft/) to see if there’s any clues?

I do sometimes get audio response from mycroft, and the mic test I do get the recording back out (headphones via the Seeed jack).

In the audio.log, apparently I’m getting an alsa error. That must be the issue, time to troubleshoot that.

[quote]ALSA lib pcm_hw.c:1822:(_snd_pcm_hw_open) Invalid value for card
aplay: main:828: audio open error: No such file or directory[/quote]

What’s the mycroft config options for the audio output? Is it just the play_wav_cmdline and play_mp3_cmdline settings via mycroft-config edit system? It seems that those got reset after one of the restarts I did. They’re back to plughw:ArrayUAC10,0 instead of plughw:2,0 which was working before.

Hm. Looks like something is going on with the audio stuff, I’ll have to dig into that more and troubleshoot. I might just rebuild from a bare Raspian, do manual install of Mycroft.

Did you ever figure this out, I’m having similar issues?

Just to give more context (from the chat) just in case from @fsa317 possible issue:

Picroft is still 32bit. Wasn’t there someting about 32bit and that big(ger) amount of ram?

Issue sounds like running out of memory

The memory limit for 32-bit system is 4Gb, Picroft usage is pretty far from this limit (except if a custom skill is leaking).

Ah, sorry for the slow reply. No, didn’t figure it out, had other stuff going on, and only now gotten back around to trying to get this to work.

You could try to use these Docker or Ansible to provision your RPi4.