Free Flight Tracking API?

Hey guys,

Ryan here - I’m working on a skill currently that will track flights and where they are at.

I’m really having a hard time finding a decent (free) API to do this. Anyone in the community got the hook up?

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So you are looking for API to get ADS-B data?
Stackoverflow has few debates related to that, but you are right, most of suggested solutions are not free.
Will post here if I find anything.

I found this: the other day, but I think you have to contribute to get access to the data.

I can’t find any either. I suppose you could try web scraping… though that definitely goes against Google’s ToS :wink:. I found this article quite interesting.

A few months ago I was looking for something similar. There arent many free ones out there and those that are, are outdated. I ended up using the API of Aviation Edge. They have a free version too which had the information I needed. They have so much data, its incredible. check them out Look at their full API list to get an idea of what they have:

Ok I see my answer is a bit late :smiley: still valid though

Connect with any of the developer having their app on play store. They will share their API for sure. Simply, drop them a mail ask for that. However, do remember to go for only established developers. As the newbies might not be interested in sharing. You can find several such apps on Play store. For you help, I’m adding some here: