Forum confirmation e-mail marked as scam!

Why does the confirmation link displayed as

actually link to[some_value]


Because we SMTP everything through SendGrid so we’re not running our own SMTP servers :wink:

You should display the proper link or a text placeholder otherwise e-mail clients like Thunderbird show a scam warning.

Unfortunately we can’t configure the platform to do that.

In fact, there are a lot of legit emails marked as spam because the affiliation partners (SendGrid in this case) who can get bad reputation sporadically. Is somehow “normal” and should be occassional, if not then SendGrid will lose a lot of their clients.

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I assume the problem here is that the link text is a URL that differs from the link URL itself. This is interpreted as a try to disguise the true link. If you replace the link text with some non-URL text or with the actual URL the links leads to, the warning might disappear.