For the Mark 1, is there a way to interact with it conversationally within a single skill?

This may be a simple question, but I couldn’t find a sample skill that worked like this.

For example, I am trying to build a skill that works like this.

User: Hey Mycroft, open Calculator
Mycroft: Give first number
U: 3
M: Give second number
U: 2
M: Give operation
U: Add
M: Three plus two is five
U: Multiply
M: Three times two is six
U: Quit skill

Rather than this way:

U: Hey Mycroft, what is three plus two?
U: Hey Mycroft, what is three times two?

Another even simpler example of a skill I would want to build is this:

U: Hey Mycroft, open Word to Array skill
M: Give word
U: Truck
M: Your array contains truck
U: Banana
M: Your array contains truck and banana
U: Bird
M: Your array contains truck, banana, and bird
U: Quit skill

Does anyone know of a sample skill that works like this, or can create simple example like the Word to Array program to demonstrate how I would go about creating a skill that works like this?

Thanks for the help!

@dev937 Yes there is a current way to do that using this the context and converse method. Check this out