Fix your Obnoxious Ad

Whoever designed this ad is an asshole. It is by far one of the more annoying ads I’ve seen recently. Especially on mobile where it literally covers the entire screen and has no way to dismiss it because the X button is either off screen or not present. And the X button is basically invisible on desktop because it is white and above the ad itself.


I totaly agree. It is defently a misplaced add, and it is difficult to get rid of it as the X is white and outside the ad itself.
But as everything is moving fast, and something dosnt get done right the first time, I am sure the Mycroft people do change this and do it better next time :slight_smile:

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This one should be fixed fast. Super annoying…

A white X button on a white background. EVIL! :smiling_imp:

Yes please remove it.

What it really needs is to play some sound while it is showing. Adds that takes focus and play sound are awsome. Dont you all agree on that :slight_smile:

Where is the “i am already a investor please opt me out” button? :wink: