First time user looking for advice

Hello everyone,

I am new to your community and have decided to give a shot in setting up picroft on a budget (the past year hasn’t been very profitable :sweat_smile:) . I am not a computer engineer nor do I have a lot of Linux experience other than what a basic user level. I have managed so successfully set up home assistant to some extent so this gives me some confidence :sweat_smile:

I am ordering the parts from the build and was wondering if I should go with pi3b+ or pi4 2gb ram? They cost the same so I was wondering if there is an advantage of using one over the other for this? I am aiming for ease of build and maximum compatibility since I would have problems troubleshooting some advanced issues…
also I have ordered the ps3 camera microphone, but as understand the respeaker is a good budget friendly alternative (seems to be sold out everywhere at the moment)? Anything else you could recommend for a beginner?
Or should I attempt to run in on the same device as home assistant is running (pi4)? I have read through a blog by j1nx from 2018, but it seems unfinished. Though the instructions up to that seem clear.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


The pi4 is definitely the better option in general, especially if you intend to run both HA and mycroft on it.