First connect wifi invalid password missing feedback

Hi, just letting you know that I’m enjoying my new mark ii dev edition.

Build, and install all went well, (I did break the ribbon cable connector even after reading the “gently” instructions :slight_smile: , but it still works. So no problem there.

Wifi install.

like a dummy I put a misspelled word in my wifi password, and I was sure that I was entering the password correctly in my phone, but wasn’t. There was no feed back on the phone or on the mycroft screen that the password was invalid… (there was a flash of something on the phone, but it went away so fast I could never read it).

Once I put in the correct password wifi was able to connect as expected.

** So… A suggestion have some sort of feedback on the mycroft screen when the initial wifi config fails.

Keep up the good work, and thanks

let me know if and where if you would like me to create a ticket… for this enhancement suggestion…

If you want to file a bug, create an issue on the mk2 github repo. That’d probably be the best place.

Issue created.

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