Finished booting skill right after gets input 'wake up' and says "I dont know what that means"

So I am not sure if this is from the finished booting skill or something else, but every time I reboot it will say “Hi this is mycroft and I am ready to work” . In the mycroft-cli I will see that it gets the input ‘wake up’ from somewhere and responds by saying “I dont know what that means”.

I am on picroft and I looked through the logs but am not finding where that input is coming from, but I am not sure where but I started after I installed this skill. Also I feel like that phrase should be understand anyways it says something similar when I say that with voice. Is this something else I might not have configured properly? Also which logs would help with this?

Thank you,

the message bus and voice logs would be where to start.

Ok thanks I will look into those when I get time.

The telegram skill does this for me as well. I use picroft too. I believe it is because mycroft gets a voice command (somethinghhe has to say) too early, before he can talk.