Finally - the fun part is starting

After struggleling around for a while with setup matrix voice and picroft i finally made it work (mostly :wink: ).

Now i try the default skills (reminder, timer, …) looking at the content of .intent files and try different combinations. This is the fun part after the setup headache.

So what i want to say is (at the moment) - thank you mycroft team and community members :slight_smile: .



Yah that is defently the fun part you are coming to.

If you dont have a devolopment enviromet setup you could try the THEIA IDE skill as that setups everything on device for you. An easy way to read and write skills and having the right tools avably.

Thanks for the hint. I saw your post watching at your absolute favorite skills.
But i use visual studio code directly on my computer and access the /opt/mycroft folder by ssh using the vs code plugin “ssh fs”.

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Then you are setup realy fine :slight_smile: Happy mycrofting then :slight_smile:

Thanks - and just for the records.
I tried the “THEIA IDE” skill and after saying “Activate IDE” it works like a charm - great work :slight_smile: .

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