Fighting Patent Abuse Update

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Become a Warrior to Prevent Abuse

We’re looking for knights in shining armor. More specifically, individuals who can be expert witnesses. Knights that are willing to come to Kansas City and testify on behalf of the Mycroft community. Since we’d like to keep costs under control ( patent litigation is very expensive ) we’re offering airfare, accommodation, meals, time with our team and mad props. We can’t offer the type of redonkulous hourly rates that a big corporation would, but I do want to thank you for your generous help in dispatching patent abusers.

If you have an advanced degree in computer science, an interest in ending patent abuse and want to support our effort we’d love to hear from you. Some folks have already reached out, but if you haven’t, please contact us here:

Supporting Each Other

Although companies and individuals can (and will) disagree on everything under the sun, we can almost always agree on protecting and fostering innovation. In our support for a free and open innovation ecosystem, we are happy to announce that along with some of the biggest names in technology we have joined Unified Patents. We are happy to support Unified Patents in their mission to improve patent quality and deter unsubstantiated or invalid patent assertions in defined technology sectors.


Our Legal Round Table

We’re represented by an awesome group of attorneys from three separate firms that are working together to help us fight patent abuse. We will be introducing our A-team attorneys over the next few weeks.


A Final Note on Combative Language

Our patent abuser has been whining in public filings about the mean things people are saying on the Internet. They are trying to cast themselves as the victim when in fact they are the aggressor. I’d like to note that we didn’t start this fight, but we’re damn sure going to finish it.

It is never okay to threaten someone with bodily harm or harass them. Don’t. Just don’t.

That said, the language of the legal profession is uniformly militant. When lawyers write about past cases they talk of “legal battles” or “legal fights”. Litigation is often referred to as a weapon or an “arrow in the quiver” of a business entity. You never read about a “legal cuddle” or a lawsuit that is like “the caress of a lover”. By its very nature litigation is defined by conflict and, therefore, violent prose.

Anyone who can’t distinguish an aggressively worded blog post from actual threats of violence doesn’t belong in the legal profession. It is a profession of words and nuance. It requires a capable mind that can embrace and comprehend complexity. It is a place for smart, tough and capable men and women, not dense weak-kneed whiners.

Moreover, attorneys without a tough spine certainly shouldn’t be litigating in the technology sector. Like it or not, if you litigate in the technology sector, people are going to say mean things about you on the Internet.

Suck it up buttercup.


I don’t know when the request for assistance timeline ran (or is running), but I sent an email. Looks like things are working out well though. I would go as far as to recommend the EFF ( They may provide some assistance, a written statement, or something that may be of use. I am a member and stand behind their efforts. They are well respected.


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Thanks technotic, from a fellow EFF member and our local EFA (Australia) member :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it’s a long timeline for these types of cases. To be safe I’ll refrain from commenting on the case specifically, but the EFF are well aware of it.