Feature parity with Classic Core

all the Skills that are already distributed by MycroftAI and identified as compatible with the Mark II hardware

That should be the baseline for the Mark II, as many purchasers expected. Any Skills beyond that would truly be new features.

I agree, the current skill list of Mark 2 / Dinkum is just a bad joke.

“I don’t know what that means, but I learn new things every day” .

Unfortunately, the oposite is the case. I was playing with Mycroft for several years. And I had at least the expectation that the new Mark 2 device, which i preordered a long time ago, would have all the skill onboard that I already knew from before. So, what did Mycroft learn within tje last 1-2 years? It cannot count anymore. No more jokes, nothing. If my kids would unlearn such basic skills, I would be verry worried.

I mean, the explanation that I read in another thread about Dinkum, containers, etc. is understandable. But this was not at all communicated. Such a drastic reduction in features should have been communicated to all Mark 2 customers.
When the mycroft team say: “Sorry, we had to do this as it is but wait for another 2-3 months until you get back old and well known skills”, then this would have been ok to me.
But I (and also others I guess) made the experience that we wanted to install new skills, and only after a while of research realized that the current Mark 2 with Dinkum is avtually useless.

What I did expect: Mark 2 with a factory prepared software including all standard skills, and e.g. for extending / tinkering I would also be able to use the sandbox or any custom image.

Can anybody from the mycroft team explain to me, why skills like ‘tell me a joke’ do not work on the mark 2? Does telling jokes require special software or hardware? I dont think so.

So, please dear Mycroft team: you still have the chance to correct the communication issue. Write a nice email to all your Mark2 customers clarifying the situation. Most of your customers are tinkerers anyways, and will be patient.