Feature: Allow mycroft-speak and mycroft-say-to to take bash pipes

Where do unittests for the /bin/ scripts sit? If not would there any issue with submitting a pull request for https://github.com/FruityWelsh/mycroft-core?

Issue Ref: https://github.com/MycroftAI/mycroft-core/issues/2105

Hey, love the idea and great to see the conversation happening on Github.

I was curious what use cases got you thinking about this?

I wanted to add it to some of my bash scripts. (notify me when a backup is being done, completes, etc) plus doing some cmd stuff like reading out files. Stuff that I already have, but didn’t really want to write a skill for.

I haven’t thought of any cases where the say-to is as needed to me, but changing it to work to say was trivial (because they behave the same in the scripts) and I figured someone else might be able to think of something.

I am also just a big fan of bash piping, it’s fun to be able to chain cmds. That said I wasn’t sure if added the extra work to allow for an actual stream work rather than batchs would be worth it.

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