Failure to register

Hi. Hope someone can help.
New RP3 and microSD disk image downloaded and flashed.
Boot recognises microphone and produces pairing code.
Entering pairing code on simple does nothing.
This is probably the 8th attempt. Any thoughts before abandoning this project.

Hey there,
Are you getting any kind of error?

What browser are you using?

I don’t know if any issues right now with registering, but let us know since we need to fix it ASAP!


Hi Karl. Am using Firefox on PC because ipad would not allow me to set up an account.
The original error was that the code I was given just didn’t work.
Now I seem to be getting stuck at the …waiting for the trigger word. I’ve rebooted several times but it seems to get stuck before it gives me a code. I had one occasion when I got audio saying it did not understand.
Does this help?
I can go back into it again tomorrow and see how far it gets to give you a better idea of the situation.

That helps some.

When it boots up, it checks for updates to Mycroft Core, right? It should be on 8.3.

What mic are you using? If you use CLI, does it work?

I’m using a Samsung USB mic.I haven’t tried it with CLI but it works OK normally.
The software was updated yesterday and tells me it’s the latest version. The issue appears to come when it begins loading the ‘services’ just after the notification that says to use Command C to switch off the log.