Eyes wont turn on

My mark1 wont turn on! I plug it in and a red light and a flashing green light appear on the bottom. But no eyes! I rebooted and unplugged mid-reboot, is that the issue?

I had this yesterday. The eyes just went dead, bt as I said to my wife “Mycroft is dead” it made the beep and responded.
I suspect the hat that had the LCD and LEDs had its under in a bunch.
I unplugged for one minute and then powered up with the HDMI plugged in, just in case, but it worked fine after that.

If mycroft is still responding then it’s usually the enclosure client that has not been started correctly. You can ssh in and type into the terminal sudo service mycroft-enclosure-client restart to restart the enclosure client or sudo service mycroft-* restart to restart all clients just for good measures.