Extending Mycroft outside the home

Hello! I have been using Mycroft on my Ubuntu laptop for about a year on and off. I am admittedly still very “green” at the use of Mycroft and haven’t quite been able to make my first skill yet, but I am working on it! Here is my question- is there a way to extend mycroft outside the home? I own/control my own PFsense firewall and my phone is regularly connected via VPN so I can view our cameras (we have livestock that is constantly getting into mischief) so is there a way to extend my voice to activate some of my other home automation? I thought about using Zello maybe? Anyone tried this?


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(I find myself spamming this a lot lately)

There’s a community project called HiveMind - original/lead dev @JarbasAl - that modularizes Mycroft. It’s very early days, but it’s definitely the way I’m going to bring Mycroft around with me. A thin client on my phone, connected over a VPN to a Mycroft instance in my house, is precisely the solution I’m aiming for. HiveMind doesn’t modify Mycroft in any way, it’s companionware, so once it’s featureful I think it will be the ideal solution to a Mycroft-centric PAN.

The thin client exists, but has very limited capabilities right now. You can talk to it, and it can answer. No follow-up questions, no issuing instructions to the client device. Those are next steps.

I intend to run the first over-VPN test as soon as I can get a VPN working on my PinePhone, but I already know it’s going to work, as it works over LAN. There’s no Android or iOS client, but if you have a mobile Linux device or a laptop that can VPN home, you could probably test it right now.

On the other hand, if you’re talking about automating things in the field using your home Mycroft, rather than the other way around, that’s more of a skill thing, connect to the API in question.

I don’t wanna go on and on about HiveMind, but we’ve got a channel on the Mycroft chat server and a GitHub org. Docs are sparse to nonexistent, so I suggest visiting us in chat if you’re interested.

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I think I am going to try to give Mycroft a text now number, install zello and see if it picks up the wakeword. If it does, then I can send the commands and just have to figure out the return path for responses.