'Error updating device' when trying to change Wake Word


While our Picroft responds regularly to its current wake word (“Hey Mycroft”) when spoken by a male, it doesn’t respond reliably when spoken by female voices. Additionally, Picroft has a fair amount of false positives with female voices, awaking when they didn’t say “Hey Mycroft.”

To address that issue, we tried to change the Picroft’s wake words through the website. Every time we change the wake word and then select Save though, we get the message “Error updating device.” We are able to make other changes to the device’s settings through the website and otherwise the Picroft seems to be working fine.

Any suggestions how we can change the Wake Word? Thanks!

you could try this https://mycroft-ai.gitbook.io/docs/using-mycroft-ai/customizations/wake-word

Before that, make sure you’re running precise instead of pocketsphinx. Ask mycroft which listener it’s using or ask it to set listener to precise.

There’s also a recent test precise model for hey mycroft that improves responsiveness for female voices.

I’ve just run in to this in the last day or so. I changed it from mycroft to ezra a few days ago but ezra doesn’t pick up well at all, went to switch it back and… error.

Hey, I have the exact same problem:
Changed it to “Hey Jarvis” and now, as I wanted to change it back to “Hey Mycroft”, I get this “Error updating device”-Message.
Maybe it’s something with the city or region? I used the autofill function so I think they should be ok, but it’s not that easy to distinguish the root of the error with this message.

Any updates on this? I am currently unable to change settings for my device as well. I also receive an “Error updating device” message. Im trying to change the voice from british to american male

I am also experiencing this issue when attempting to change settings on the device via the website. Given the error, I’m not sure whether there are any local logs on PiCroft that I can peruse, but if someone more knowledgeable can point me in the right direction, I’ll go digging.

I tried to see if I could amend the remote configuration from the client itself, but this doesn’t appear to be possible, only letting one ‘read’ the config

Hey, @ChrisVeilleux is working on this at the moment. I don’t think the fix will be pushed this week but we are working on it.


any update on this? im getting the error too

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ok, good. I thought I was the only one when trying to change the settings.

Same issue here. I was able to work around by forcing the wakeword back to “hey mycroft” in the config file but it gets set back to “hey jarvis” if it reboots and recieves the config from my online account.

Temporary Workaround (might go back after reboot):

Switch to “Precise” model by telling mycroft in the mycroft-cli-client “set the Listener to Precise”

Edit config
mycroft-config edit user

Add these lines inside the curly braces:

  "listener": {
    "wake_word": "hey mycroft"

Reload config:
mycroft-config reload

Seems like this is now fixed

Hey there, this should indeed be all fixed up, so if you see any similar issues please let us know.