error setting certificate verify locations

I’m trying to install Mycroft on Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS, but encountering some issues (full log at

The issue seems to be “error setting certificate verify locations”, but not sure how to resolve this?

Can anyone please suggest how I can overcome this issue?

OK, what’s happening here is that the CA certificates are not where curl expects them to be. Read more here;

Thanks appreciate the update. Following a couple of the suggestions in that link worked a treat.

I’m now at the point where Mycroft is detecting the wakeword, but has issues connecting to the server for pairing (all other connections are working). I can access the CLI, will keep playing around with this, hopefully I’ll have it connected soon.

Great to hear you’re another few steps along, @shaunmbg. Please do let us know how you go, we’re here to help.
Best, Kathy

Thanks @KathyReid, I’ve been able to connect and conduct a few basic skills, I’ll raise some other issues as separate threads for traceability :wink:

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Thanks for confirming @shaunmbg, always good to now how people go with installation :+1: