Error occurred installing default skills

After update, piCroft keeps saying “Error occurred installing default skills”.
The Skills log shows 8 missing dialog or vocab folders:
2017-06-27 14:06:25,983 - mycroft.skills.core - INFO - ATTEMPTING TO LOAD SKILL: skill-speak
2017-06-27 14:06:25,988 - mycroft.skills.core - ERROR - No dialog loaded, /opt/mycroft/skills/skill-speak/dialog/en-us does not exist
2017-06-27 14:06:26,011 - Skills - DEBUG - {“type”: “register_vocab”, “data”: {“start”: “speak”, “end”: “SpeakKeyword”}, “context”: null}
2017-06-27 14:06:26,017 - Skills - DEBUG - {“type”: “register_vocab”, “data”: {“start”: “say”, “end”: “SpeakKeyword”}, “context”: null}
2017-06-27 14:06:26,012 - mycroft.skills.core - INFO - Loaded skill-speak
2017-06-27 14:06:26,019 - Skills - DEBUG - {“type”: “register_vocab”, “data”: {“start”: “repeat”, “end”: “SpeakKeyword”}, “context”: null}
2017-06-27 14:06:26,022 - Skills - DEBUG - {“type”: “register_vocab”, “data”: {“regex”: “speak (?P.)"}, “context”: null}
2017-06-27 14:06:26,025 - Skills - DEBUG - {“type”: “register_vocab”, “data”: {“regex”: "say (?P.
)”}, “context”: null}
2017-06-27 14:06:26,027 - Skills - DEBUG - {“type”: “register_vocab”, “data”: {“regex”: “repeat (?P.*)”}, “context”: null}
2017-06-27 14:06:26,062 - Skills - DEBUG - {“type”: “register_intent”, “data”: {“at_least_one”: [], “requires”: [[“SpeakKeyword”, “SpeakKeyword”], [“Words”, “Words”]], “optional”: [], “name”: “SpeakSkill:SpeakIntent”}, “context”: null}

GitHub Skill-speak has no dialog directory. Why is startup asking for the dialog folder?
Removing the skill-speak folder, has it freshly reinstalled and stills errors.

There is also one more Error:
2017-06-27 14:06:04,758 - mycroft.skills.core - ERROR - Failed to load skill: mycroft—movie-recommend-skill
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mycroft_core-0.8.16-py2.7.egg/mycroft/skills/”, line 101, in load_skill
skill_descriptor[“name”] + MainModule, *skill_descriptor[“info”])
File “/opt/mycroft/skills/mycroft—movie-recommend-skill/”, line 7, in
from lxml import html
ImportError: No module named lxml

I did the sudo apt-get install python-lxml and still got this error.

any help?

The load dialog error can safely be ignored. The function loading the dialog can’t load dialog since no dialog is available and get’s upset. It doesn’t stop the skill loading or skill installation. It should really be downgraded to a warning or a debug message.

My best guess regarding the skill installation failure from what I see above is if it fails to install requirements for the movie-recommend-skill. (the install script msm tries to use pip to install the packages listed in the requirements.txt of the skills)

Thank you, for the reply.
Please disregard the second error. I removed the Movie-recommend 3rd party skill.

Yes, the 6 errant default skills all work correctly.
It is hard to “ignore” a voice that says (every hour), “There was an error installing default skills”.
I am not a committer to the project, so can’t change it to a warning. My clone gets overwritten each update.

There’s been a lot of updates on this and from next version we hope it should be less error prone. At least a propper error log for the failure will be written so we’ll have a better chance to diagnose the issue