Enemy's of Mycroft LOL

Thing Mycroft have an arch nemesis!? Not to worry though i have know doubt that Mycroft will win the battle !!


HA! Love it! What application is that?

Ainova Robotics Inc.
sounds like its a member of the borg collective !! :open_mouth:

Just getting some practice in for when Mycroft is born !

No, no, Mycroft’s enemies are specifically spelled out as the Revisionists! Haven’t you read The Cat Who Walks Through Walls? :smiley:

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@Celti - keepin’ it real. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I have to admit i havent but that is about to change now, my curiosity is curious :grin:

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The Cat Who Walks Through Walls. Penultimate novel in Heinlein’s “World As Myth” (and indeed, penultimate novel published before his death). Mycroft Holmes is only a background character in it, but in the end the plot completely revolves around him (and isn’t actually confirmed as resolved until near the end of To Sail Beyond The Sunset).

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Im on he case Holmes lol. just purchased it (audio) So far so good ! just what i needed for the trip to and from work thanks Celti:slight_smile: