Education skill

Hi, haven’t been on for a while as other things are occupying my attention. However I have some news on a new skill I am working on, and can gladly share, once I am done.

So, here in the UK, our Schools are teaching so to lead up to the GCSE examinations at the age of 16 years. Tonight I attended a school presentation regarding the revision of the main science subjects. One thing that came up is the requirement for the pupil to know 24 different equations, off by heart.

So, I am writing a skill that allows my daughter to ask for the equation for {something}, upon which Mycroft rattles back with a description of that equation. To take this further I am going to create a random equation skill, so that you can say “Give me an equation” and it will select one and describe it.

Another area I am going to look at is the “Key words” in the exam questions. This is like “Describe”, “Discuss”, “Comment”, “Develop”. It is important that these words are clearly understood as to exactly what the examiner is looking for the response. These terms are defined so I will educate Mycroft with them also.

My daughter loves this idea and has requested a load the poems in that she has to remember, such that Mycroft can read them back on demand.

New ideas are developing and I can see this growing.