Echo Cancellation

There appear to be a number of ways to solve echo cancellation using software, and that is very interesting. But I was curious as to whether there was a good chip out there for solving this via hardware. I’ve been looking and I see some things that look like potential leads, but I’m eager to see the Community’s ideas here.

On the software side, if there is a really great solution that uses little resources. Feel free to share it here.

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hardware wise, all you need it two directional(or one omni directional with one directional, catching what bounces off the wall behind) mics and reverse the phase - one pointing backword - one pointing foward, reverse the wires and have them on the same input - probably more complicated due to delay - but might be a start to prototype something - there was a simple experiment that you can setup with to xlr mics and just physically reversing the wires on one and hook them to the same input - sound that is picked up by both is canceled out.

some googling: