Easter Egg in mimic?

I have the desktop version of Mycroft I downloaded on my laptop (Mint 18.3) and was looking for the config file and ran across this jewel in a Mimic config file.

paul-K55A ~ $ cd mycroft-core/
paul-K55A ~/mycroft-core $ ./mimic/bin/mimic_time `date +%H:%M`
The time is now, just after ten to nine, in the morning.

The voice is very high resolution and Irish I believe.
Very interesting. (note the backward single quotes)

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The voice is Scottish (Lothians area specifically if my ear is correct) :wink:

Oh, then, my apologies to the population of Scotland. I based my assumption on the 2-second long pronunciation of the word “morning”. :grin:

The voice in question is the awb voice, we inherited it from flite. You can select it for mycroft if you configure mimic manually in ~/.mycroft/mycroft.conf

By adding the block into the json.

"tts": {
  "mimic": {
    "voice": "awb"

If you do it be careful, json is a bit sensitive and the commas need to be in the right places (if you place this last in the existing block add a comma on the line before this one)

That awb voice sounds pretty good. I think the female voice doesn’t exactly sound friendly.IMO. (I hope I don’t step on any toes here.)

I don’t have the ~/.mycroft/mycroft.conf file. I added the “awb” to the DEFAULT mycroft.conf instead. Probably not exactly kosher, but it worked. All this will probably change with mimic 2 anyway.

Thanks for the information and taking a moment to enlighten me.