DR Who Fan? I need MyCroft to sound like K9

Hi guys. Thanks for your help to date!

How can I change the pitch of Mimic to sound like K9

Here is an example - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3o7_p9pczY8

This is possible, but needs some major efforts. You need to collect a dataset with at least a dozen hours of clean audio recordings of this voice with text tagging (the more the better) and then train a TTS-model on it, e.g. with Mozilla-TTS or FlowTron.

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Okay. Maybe a simple pitch change? I have replicated the voice doing this in another command line aplay MOX tool.

How can I alter pitch and delay?

How’d you alter it before? Take that, and put it into the TTS playback engine.

I used pico2wave.

root@Kali:~# pico2wave -l en-GB -w lookdave.wav “Hello” && play lookdave.wav overdrive 4 pitch 250 tempo 1.5

Can I do similar in Mycroft playback? Like this part?

play lookdave.wav overdrive 4 pitch 250 tempo 1.5

If so where can I edit these type of settings seeing the example above is CLI.

You’d have to add that to the tts playback piece.
The relevant one of these would be where to start looking.

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