Don't buy the new device. Support our journey

Hey Everyone!

As you know, we’re about to launch a brand-new device loaded with awesome specs, but it’s really not about the device.

This Kickstarter is about our mission to bring artificial intelligence to everyone. And we need YOUR support.

Last device launch we learned some good lessons. Click below to read about them and stay updated on launch details!

Are you ready to meet Mark II?


I am very excited about this! The team has done a great job with the new device. Now lets see how the rest of the world receives it!

Great work, @Alyx_Horace! Our mission is our passion but the new device is pretty cool.

I work with a company that sells a device, and they are very passionate about it. Whenever you visit them or they present, they always have one to show and when they show it, the pride and excitement is genuine, sincere, and deep . . .I love working with them . . . and when I read these posts, well, it reminds of them!

The Mark 1 is very beautiful and well made on the outside, and when I opened it to attach a PiCamera, I was impressed on the internal beauty and elegance, think Steve Jobs, his father and the back of the cabinet.

Can’t wait to work with the Mark 2 and also open it up! :grinning: