Donations via Liberapay


do you (Mycroft) plan to add donations via Liberapay (
This would be awesome.


Hey thanks for the suggestion @twinkybot. Liberapay isn’t on our radar at the moment. Do you know if it integrates with WooCommerce?

@KathyReid Sorry this is out of my league. But they are using MangoPay ( as Payment Partner.

See at bottom of this page:

Hope this helps. The reason I asked is because Liberapay also believes in freedom and open source and transparency. I thought a perfect match :slight_smile:


Any news on the topic? I would like to support the Mycroft project via LiberaPay. Like twinkybot already said: It’s a perfect match :slight_smile:

Hey Simon,

I had looked at Liberapay as an option for Skill Authors to take donations, but hadn’t thought about it for the project as a whole.

If there is interest in using that platform we could investigate it, however we’ve had more interest in adding crypto-payments which Liberapay unfortunately doesn’t support.

What do you think are the main benefits, for supporters or the project, in using Liberapay?