Does the Mycroft Support even exist anymore?

FedEx lost my Mark II :confused:

I created a missing package report with FedEx NL myself, but they said the seller has to claim it with FedEx US.

I wrote to the Mycroft Support ( about it 8 days ago. I have revieved no answer so far and I am worried I paid 500€ (shipping and import to NL is very expensive) for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Sadly this is a time sensitive topic as FedEx probably cant wait to tell me “FedEx US (!) didn’t hear about this missing package in the required time window , even though you cantacted FedEx NL withing the time window”

Is the support even active anymore ? Do I need to look for other options of getting the claim handeled with FedEx ?

I know Mycroft is going through a very tough time, I can live with slow responses, but I am getting worried I will never get a response.

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Hi Jona,
Yes, Mycroft support email is still correct, and thank you for your patience. It’s just Michael over there right now. I suggest you re-contact FedEx, send to both the US & NL FedEx customer service this time, and include a copy of your email to support. That should help make sure they can’t claim you didn’t initiate in time.


Sadly I don’t really have a way to contact Fedex US. The chatbot is of no use, they have no email support and I have no idea if and how I can use the toll free number US number from abroad (also timezones and stuff). But I think there is not much I can personally do even with contact to FedEx US, the online claim submission form won’t even let me fill it out, because I am not the seller. Fedex is only contractually obligated to the shipper and they will only take a claim from them:

I have contacted Fedex NL again with detailed information and the update that the seller cannot be reached and I hope they can help or get me a contact to FedEx US.

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@JonaT If you haven’t heard anything back yet, if you’re comfortable doing so please send me a copy of your email to Mycroft support. I have one thing I’d like to try for you.


@JonaT You should receive an email within 2 days following up on your lost package, from either Michael Lewis or FedEx. I had a meeting with Michael this morning, and he is going to follow up on this. If you don’t receive an email, or have any further issues please do email Mycroft, but also cc me.


Thank you very much for your help :green_heart:


I have good news :partying_face::

Mycroft took care of the problem, my Mycroft Mark II just arrived. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Mycroft for taking care of your customers, even though the company is going through tough times. And thank you @NeonClary for the persistence in establishing the communication.