Does Picroft update anywhere other than


I have been working with (what I thought was) a ‘static’ version of Mycroft, by manually sidestepping update code located in /home/pi/ However, it appears that while my Picroft was left running over the weekend, it auto-updated it’s core to 9.8. The timestamp for the new 0.9.8 .egg happened during the weekend (I hadn’t touched it on the weekend, but did leave it running), leading me to believe it did some sort of a auto-pull or push update.

Am I correct to think this? If so, where else are the updates occurring? I would like to be able to create a static version of Picroft for testing/stability purposes.

Thank you.

EDIT: Specifically, I am talking about the mycroft-core. However, if other parts of the system are auto updated as well it would be helpful to know where.

Hi @zach_neongecko, great question.
Have a look at this new documentation and see if it helps - let us know if it doesn’t cover your question.

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Hi @KathyReid, This is exactly what I needed. Thank you for the info!

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Awesome! Happy hacking @zach_neongecko!