Does Mycroft work with ReSpeaker V1.0

Does Mycroft work with ReSpeaker V1.0 or is it v2.0 exclusively?


Hi Alexis, welcome to the Forums :slight_smile:

We haven’t tested it with the v1.0 and I can’t recall seeing anyone in the Community that has tried it.

That’s not to say that it won’t work, but there’s no guarantees and it might take some fiddling with Pulseaudio. Do you have this device already or are you looking at the available options?

We have the device already and I am having trouble getting the device to be recognized by Mycroft. Can you point me to your most updated walkthrough? I also forgot to mention that this is a two mic array, if that makes any difference.

In addition, I am looking into the Playstation Eye and the Google AIY Kit as alternates. Are those peripherals plug-n-play as in to to say I don’t have to alter any configuration files?


Hey we don’t have a walk through for that device, but we do have an audio troubleshooting guide that will hopefully help.

Is this on a Raspberry Pi, and are you using the latest Picroft image?

Is the system recognizing the device? Is it showing up in alsamixer?

Yes, the device is recognized on alsamixer and I am using the latest PiCroft Image. I will try to use the audio troubleshooting guide. I will report back when done. Thanks for the link.


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