Does Mycroft support async / unprompted skills?

I just recently stumbled across Mycroft and it sounds like an interesting project!

I was wondering if Mycroft’s skill framework supported the ability to have the Mycroft assistant speak or prompt the user asynchronously - without the need of a question or phrase from the end user.

Concretely, this could have applications in home security and monitoring (e.g. detection of people on home property, alerts of people at the front door, alerts of an unidentifiable person inside the home, etc.) and support other nifty features (e.g. alerting the user if there’s traffic on the commute to work, without needing an explicit ask).

It’s possible, but this would probably need knowledge of the Mycroft Message Bus - we don’t have any examples of this sort of Skill I’m afraid, but here’s our documentation on the Message Bus;

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I use Mycroft in conjunction with Home Assistant to speak notifications at me when something happens.

Right now, I only have it tell me if a door opens between certain hours.