Does Mycroft Have Available GPIO Pins?

I’d like to add an software defined radio (SDR) or hat to the Raspberry Pi that’s included if possible. I’m guessing the rest of the components use the entire headers but I couldn’t tell from the time lapse. Nor does the description inform newbie me what’s available on Mycroft’s extendable backplate (that’s the version I backed).

RPiTx needs GPIO 18 and I’m not sure if that can be changed.

Plug a wire on GPIO 18, means Pin 12 of the GPIO header (header P1): this act as the antenna. Length depend on transmit frequency, but with few centimeters it works for local testing.

And the Sense Hat needs all of the pins.

In case you’re wondering why I need an SDR, I would like to control my radio controlled ceiling fan for my room (the fan is old and not standardised).

@Arron_Atchison can you elaborate @daniel on what is available on the back of the Pi?

Wait are you asking me or the person you mentioned to elaborate?

Lol. I was asking @Arron_Atchison to elaborate on how all the GPIO stuff works. :slight_smile:

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I do know that the back 40 pin exposes some gpio, as to the exact pinout, I’m not so sure at the moment.

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The gpio on the raspberry pi are easily accesible with this utility.
One could basicaly use this utility to call on the GPIO themselves and thus control them via a python script that could work with mycroft.

Or, better yet this one:

Not sure if I understand. I need the pin out for a wire that may work as a SDR, not to control Mycroft in software.

If thats the case then check this out

That’s nice, but I didn’t want to spend very much or wait that long. The SDR I linked only uses the single pin and a wire. (I haven’t tested it but that’s my understanding)