Does Mycroft have any graphical user interface?

I am new to Mycroft and I was able to install Mycroft on Arch Linux, but I really hate the Command Line Interface shipped, it is 2020 and I would have expected Mycroft to at least support some decently advanced Graphical Interface like Amazon Alexa or Cortana and be integrated completely with my Desktop but it seems I am clearly missing something as I can only start voice from installing mycroft-core git hub repository and from the terminal, I really want Mycroft to be able to display videos, desktop notifications or show me browsable web results like Cortana for windows, does Mycroft have any graphical user interface I can install for Arch/Manjaro ?


There’s another version and maybe a third party one out there I don’t know off the top of my head.

Hi Jaz,

The GUI baconator linked to is the way to go, but it’s not something we have available for general desktop usage yet. As mentioned on that repo readme, the best way to test it out is to run KDE Neon.

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I have it working from the link baconator pointed at and it seems to be working nicely thank you.

I am a newbie getting started with programming in general but I have some interesting ideas are there any video tutorials or templates available to get started on writing skills with user interface for Mycroft ?

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There is a page in the docs but not yet tutorials or template Skills.

However I’d also suggest checking out some example GUI Skills from some of our core community members: