Does Mycroft can be integrated with any chatbot platform

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Can we mount any chatbot application on mycroft mark2, which is developed using chatbot creation platform.
For example: I have created a chatbot application using Dialogflow, the application can be mounted on google home or alexa.
Similarly is there any platform where i can create chatbot intents and mount the intent on mycroft Mark2. Thanks.


Hi @sriharish123,
Thanks for your question. Mycroft AI is an open source voice assistant platform, not necessarily a chatbot platform. The Mycroft AI source code and Skills are open source, so you’re very welcome to build an integration between Mycroft and Dialogflow.

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chatbot platform is super vague terminology nowadays

mycroft can be considered a chatbot, you give him intents he gives you answers

if we consider chatbot something that uses some kind of chatbot script, you have AIML and Rivescript fallback skills, and don’t forget persona which should launch officially soon

If you mean integrating mycroft in a chat service, i have a mycroft server solution that can be queried from anywhere, even javascript, see mycroft living in hackchat for example (also on facebook and websites!)

since you mentioned diagflow, there is a node-red integration aswel

Hi ,

Leave about Dialog flow. I need to know which chatbot platform does will support.

I have intents and i need to mount these intents on Mycroft mach 2 device and users should start communicating through the device.

Let me explain my problem:
I have created a virtual assistant using google home(Facing User), dialog flow(Platform to create chatbot conversation/ intents and allows to integrate with google home). This virtual assistant based on structured data collected from user triggers RPA bots to perform required activity. Whole integration is working fine. The problem with this solution is, if user wants to communicate with virtual assistant every time user need to say “HEY GOOGLE”. My client don’t want to say this triggering sentence rather he wants to say his own customized sentence to trigger the virtual assistant.
We find mycroft has feature of customizing triggering sentence. Instead of saying “Hey My croft”, I can say “Hey Sriharish”. so i want to know which chat bot platform can be integrated with mycroft, if there is no platform, please let me know how can i create conversation and mount it on mycroft.


@sriharish123 thanks for your question. Mycroft is an open source platform, with an open Skills ecosystem. At this time, we don’t officially support any chatbot platforms, but you are welcome to build your own.
Regards, Kathy

i think what you want is to build skills for mycroft, each skill has intents that execute actions

“hey mycroft, tell me a joke”
“chuck norris joke”

should trigger joking skill and execute this

i did not understand where you will be running mycroft? in a mark1 / mark2 / desktop ?

in mycroft the “chatbot platform” is local, on device, you do not connect to anything, unless you explicitly go trough the trouble of setting an external connection

since this thread has been necromanced…

the hivemind project can be used to plug mycroft into almost anything, i have integrated with the following existing services, not to mention standalone 3rd party applications:

  • matrix
  • mattermost
  • deltachat
  • facebook chat
  • hackchat
  • twitter

more info here