DockerHub image outdated?

Hello, it seems the Docker image in DockerHub is outdated (4 onths old). Is it planned to update it?

Looks like it has been updated since ScienceGuy’s original post, but it seems that it is again behind, this time by 8 months (according to this page: Docker Hub ). In general I would expect the docker image to be updated following releases. Also, it might hold even more value if there was a second image for pre-release candidates; more pre-release semi-automated testing could be executed against such an image.

imo, the main problem is that the docs misstate the degree to which some of these packaging/distribution methods are supported, by the company or otherwise. To look at the “Get Mycroft” section, you’d think all the listed options are both first-party and maintained, but only some are.

On the other hand, Mycroft is self-updating pure-ish Python. I’m not gonna spin up the container and check, but I can think of no reason an outdated image should in and of itself prevent Mycroft from working (at least, not as long as you provide it with persistent storage.)

In addition to clarifying support and maintenance in the docs, it might be worth mentioning the user’s expectations from Mycroft. In general, containerizing it is fine, but it obviously can’t control the host system from in there, or what would be the point? It might well be the case that some people go for the Docker container as a reflex action, when they’d be better served using some other method.

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Hey there, the docker image should get updated on each release. It’s been missing from our release checklist so hasn’t been getting done.

The good news is that I’ve done a release today, and added it to our checklist for the future.

Though if you’re looking at Docker, I’d also checkout this image from GoldyFruit: