Do you speak french?

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

Do you speak french?

I spent many hours to change the CONF files in order to see and ear a PiCroft understanding and responding en français.

It’s time now to find skills running in french.
(Wikipedia, météo, musique, etc)

Where can I find these skills?
How to find skills to translate?

Thanks / Merci beaucoup !


Oups. I just discover!

But I don’t see a filter in the market place to sort skills running in french…

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Look at - all skills with 100% progress (0 incomplete) should work in french language…

Hi Stephane,

Glad you found our translate platform. As we don’t officially support other languages yet, we haven’t yet got the polish on platforms like our Marketplace to easily see which skills are supported.

Having skills translated and building out our text parsing and formatting library are both big steps in the right direction however we have a lot more work to do. If you’re interested in helping out, please drop by the ~Languages channel in Chat

Thanks Dominik.

It still not working…


  • skill count is installed from the market place
  • I tried the french translation used to start a countdown but my Picroft says he “don’t understand”

Do I have to install something special in one of my Picroft folders?

Hi Stephane,

It looks like that there are french translations for the “count skill” (on but they didn’t make it into the skill, yet.

@gez-mycroft - I have notived similar situation for german translation. How are the translations transfered to the skill-repo - is this a automatic or manual task? Is there any schedule (e.g. bi-weekly with Mycroft update)?

Hi Stephane,

I wish this was the answer to your problem, however one of the limitations of our translation process at the moment is that it takes a while for translations to make it from down to devices. This is something we are really keen to explore with both Translators and Skill Authors to work out how it can be better managed.

Currently it goes something like this:

  1. Author develops Skill in one language
  2. Author submits Skill to Marketplace
  3. Skill reviewed by Skill Testing Team
  4. Once approved it is available in the Marketplace and added to Translate
  5. Translations are submitted
  6. Completed translations are pushed out to Skill Authors as pull requests
    I’d have to check with @forslund how often we run that.
  7. Skill Author must accept the translation and resubmit that back to the Marketplace as an update

This can be a long process, and if a Skill Author is not actively still involved the translations submitting back to them can just sit there not being used. Hence this is a process we want to explore how we can do this better. We want to make it easier for both Translators and Skill Authors.

I try to run it every 2 weeks or so but I missed the last one. I will run one on Sunday/Monday.

Thanks Gez & Forslund for theses answers!

I will wait and try the first french skills. And then I’ll translate as much as possible :slight_smile:

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Hi all,

Our previous French channel in Chat got removed accidentally and recovering the data proved more challenging than expected so we have decided to start a fresh channel instead. You can join the new channel at:

You can probably tell I do not speak French myself but I know there are a number of French speakers in our Community so anticipate this to grow over the coming weeks and months.

A particular thanks to all our French translators and contributors who are helping us bring Mycroft to the global French speaking community!